Momentum Epigenetics

The basis for a personalized therapy is an epigenetic and genetic report, a comprehensive medical analysis and an inventory of your macro and micronutrient status.

Available analysis include blood analysis, vitamin status, heavy metal analysis and specific profiles according to individual needs. A major focus is also on genetic analysis in relation to nutrition, disease prevention and the strengths and weaknesses of organ structures. In addition, a genetic profile of the skin can be created, which can improve the results of aesthetic treatments.


Regeneration is a condition for a healthy life.

This ability decreases with increasing age, but also through trauma such as accidents. For the first time, research and medical experience are using the unique ability of the body to renew itself permanently and regenerate itself through targeted and personalized therapies.

The Result: The therapeutic ABC of cell navigation after trauma

Preventative Medicine

Health is our most important asset and disease prevention is an investment in our own future.

The therapeutic ABC of cell navigation acts dynamically through epigenetic regulation and is a communication technology aimed at repairing the microenvironment of our endogenous stem cells.