A worldwide unique therapy method for cell navigation and healing of tissue defects

Our veterinarians create a personalized drug complex for your pet that initiates the regeneration of tissue defects.

  • Improved defect healing
  • Reduced healing time
  • Increased local nutrient supply

The therapy is suitable for any dog breed, regardless of the age of the animal or type of tissue damage

Tendon and Ligaments
  • Defects, tear, crack
Cartilage and joints
  • tear
  • periostal defects
  • gap-break
  • Osteochondrosis Dissecans
  • Acute injuries
Nerve damage
  • acute, up to 7 days after trauma

Scientific background

The Therapy Principle of Augustinus Bader Healthcare is an epigenetic therapeutic approach that guides tissue regeneration based on physiological principles of communication. Stem cells are an important part of life. They contain the genetic information about the structure and function of the tissue and can ensure that just the right tissue is formed again. becomes. The signals of stem cell regulation are partially switched off in old age and in trauma. This leads to a delayed or completely non-existent regeneration.

With the Momentum Epigenetics Therapy we can reactivate stem cells with the right signals.

Osteochondroses Dissecans

OCD is a degenerative disorder of cartilage formation or ossification of the cartilage. The cartilage can no longer be supplied with nutrients and strong mechanical effects can detach the cartilage from the bone. In most cases, the joint becomes inflamed and the dog begins to become lame. In the dog, this disease mainly occurs in the shoulder joint, elbow, or in the knee and ankle joints. Here an operation can help, in which the joint is freed from the damaged cartilage and the bones are drilled. In combination with Momentum Epigenetic Therapy, cartilage naturally grows and the joint can regenerate.

links: geschädigter Knorpel; rechts: neu gewachsener Knorpel


Advantages for your pet

  • Worldwide unique method for cell communication and navigation
  • Improved healing
  • Termination of the inflammation based on physiological mechanisms
  • No contraindication with other therapies
  • Natural healing, prevents scar formation