“We have never used any products that have been as good as yours. The horse we treated is still racing and won again.” Customer

Our vets create a personalized complex of active ingredients for your horse that has the following effects:

  • successfull healing of tissue damage
  • shorter recovery period
  • increased local nutrient supply

The therapy is suitable for any horse breed, regardless of the age of the animal or type of tissue damage

Tendon and Ligaments
  • defects, tear, crack
Cartilage and joints
  • tear
  • periostal defects
  • gap-break
  • Acute injuries
  • Hypergranulation
  • non-healing wounds
  • Tying-up
  • tore
Nerve damage
  • acute, up to 7 days after trauma

Scientific background

The Therapy Principle of Augustinus Bader Healthcare is an epigenetic therapy approach that helps the patient to rehabilitate and regenerate the damaged tissue based on physiologically occurring molecules in the body.

Stem cells are an important part of life. They contain the genetic information about the structure and function of the tissue and can ensure that the right tissue is newly formed. Signals of stem cell regulation are switched off in old age or in trauma. This leads to a delayed or completely non-existent regeneration.

By applying the Momentum Epigenetics therapy the correct signals can be provided to reactive regeneration.

Clinical application - tendon injuries in horses

Beispiel: Hengst, 6 Jahre, akuter Sehnenschaden und komplette Ausheilung nach 4 Wochen

Tendon injuries arise from acute overloading, poor training and thus underdeveloped muscles, running on inappropriate soil, positional error or genetic predisposition.
The veterinarian will determine by palpation and an ultrasound exam whether your horse has a tendon or ligament damage.

From the day of the injury, it is important to respond quickly. Most of the time the area is initially cooled, later followed by heat therapy and adjusted exercise programme.

Cells at the site of trauma need the correct information signals to heal the tissue damage as naturally as possible and not through the formation of scars.

By applying the Momentum Epigenetics therapy, we can restore the tendon tissue in a physiologically natural way and the inflammation will pass physiologically.


Advantages for your horse are

  • A unique process for cell communication and navigation
  • Accelerate healing
  • No contraindications to other therapies
  • Prevents scarring