Momentum Epigenetics

According to the therapy method by Univ. Prof. Dr. Augustinus Bader who found two fundamental and medically unexplored fundamental epigenetic mechanisms of regulation of trauma and aging associated with endogenous stem cell communication processes.

With the discovery of these special regulation mechanisms based on 3 key interacting processes (A, B and C) these differences in healing can be explained.

Prof. Bader has developed a therapeutic principle that uses the communication mechanisms of endogenous stem cells to utilize preventive and regenerative repair principles of the body in the event of major defects or aging processes.

1. Activation

The tissue-specific precursor cells in the respective structures are “woken up” by specific inflammatory molecules and thereby initiated for a subsequent repair process.

2. Boosting

Physiological endogenous factors with protective functions, which simultaneously facilitate the healing in the presence of inflammatory reactions.

3. Commitment

These are navigation factors that allow endogenous stem cells to target tissue differentiation.